February 9th - Week in Review

So, I totally forgot to post last week’s “Week in Review.” I thought about just posting it on Sunday when I remembered, but I decided that that’s cheating, haha.

What I’ve Been Working On

Orders for Valentine’s Day

This week was the last week for Valentine’s Day orders to arrive on time (Also, how? I’m pretty sure that it still should be the first week in January). So it was super crazy around here!


Spring Things Release

I finally finished the new cards for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation and New Babies! If you’re a retailer, they’re out now! You can check out the wholesale website or email me for a catalog. They’ll be available for retail March 5th! You can join our snail mail gang to receive a reminder.


Cool Things That Are Happening

Vday Pop Up Shop

I’m partnering with West Elm for a Valentine’s Day-themed pop up shop with a jeweler, a chocolatier, a florist, and a me! If you’re Grand Rapids local, you should brave the snow and come check it out!

Cool Internet Things


Okay. This isn’t an explicitly internet thing, but you can stream it so I think it counts.

Huge Chocolate Chip Cookie

Trader Joe's is currently selling a one pound deep dish cookie. It is supposed to serve 10 people, but I think it’d make a great low-key Valentine’s Day dinner. I picked it up when I was at TJ's the other day, but then made the mistake of looking at the calorie content and putting it back. TBH I regret that decision, haha.


Cheers and happy Friday!