The idea for Tick Tock Press’ first cards came to me when I was in college at a make-your-own grilled cheese and valentines party. I had a thrift store dictionary from the 80’s that I tore a page out of, circled a word, and wrote a Valentine’s Day themed pun. In October of that year, I redesigned a few of those card ideas, uploaded them to Etsy, and started Tick Tock Press.

In the three years since then, more than 100 cards have been added to my line and thousands have been sent to friends and significant others all across the US.

I love being able to help people foster their relationships (because we all know how much long distance friendships and relationship suck), and my customers make that possible! So thank you!

If you'd like to reach me, you can send an email to katie[@]ticktockpress.com!